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09.011.2001: Never Forget ( gallery )
Is Afghanistan heading towards civil war ?
Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts dead at age 80.
The return of brigands in Kabul : Who is the WarLord Abdul Ghani Baradar, the undisputed leader of "cut-throats"?
A story full of traitors and incompetents: US special defense equipment that was given to the Afghan security forces fell into the hands of the Taliban.
At least 9,000 hate incidents against Asian Americans  were registered in the United States in the first 15 months of coronavirus pandemic only
Was Virginia Roberts Giuffre abused by Prince Andrew three times when she was under 18 ?
UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid urged NHS to give first dose of coronavirus vaccine to youngsters "absolutely,as soon as possible"
1,5 million teenagers and children have lost a parent or one caring relative due to Covid 19
The Pegasus counter-terrorism software, developed by the Israeli NSO group, is used by government agencies to hack the private phones of activists, journalists and opposition members around the world.