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#TopStory  : A beautiful woman hero,24, off-duty officer was accidentally ( ?) shot and killed inside another officer’s home in St.Louis.(MO)
#TopStory : Phoenix police investigating a death of a new born infant baby that was found in the women’s bathroom.
Human Rights : Female genital mutilation/cutting has declined sharply in most of Africa countries !
#Health,#TrueNews: An experimental vaginal ring to reduce risk of HIV  infection and not only to prevent pregnacy
#Health,#TrueNews :Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay $4.7bn in damages to 22 women due ovarian cancer !
#USLocal : Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has resigned after four women who accused him of violence
#Women,#HumanRights : Father stabbed to death his daughter,21 yo, on her wedding day  !
Health,Woman : What Younger Women Need to Know About Heart Disease
Health,Woman : 16 possible causes of painful nipples : Why do nipples become hard?