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UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid urged NHS to give first dose of coronavirus vaccine to youngsters "absolutely,as soon as possible"
Swedish professor-researcher begs for immediate and international investigation about possible origins of Covid 19 virus into Wuhan (China) laboratory
AstraZeneca Vaccine strikes again : 5 people with thrombosis in Australia.
President Biden's proposal waiver of the patent naturally reveals a large opposition front from the Big Pharma industries.
Heartfelt appeal by 28 Swedish doctors in an open letter to the media community: Do not vaccinate the young and the healthy!
Sputnik V Russian producers begin Defamation Suit Against Brazil's Health Regulator 'For Spreading fake news about vaccine'
Germany claims teenagers will be vaccinated against Covid-19 during summer holidays.
Did Washington use "diplomatic relations", forcing Brazil to reject Russian Sputnik V for "US security and protection" ?
Special poll says over 50% of South Korean citizens want to add to other vaccines already used the Russian Sputnik V to immunize country.
Crazy and poor deliveries by AstraZeneca? 'No problem' , EU Commission will soon sue the British Swedish  giant.
Fake jabs of Pfizer vaccine identified in Mexico and Poland sell for $ 1,000 per dose
FDA announced the suspension of the Johnson & Johnson's Janssen jab after it reported six cases of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST)
Scientists from Norway discovered real link between Astrazeneca Vaccine and serious side effects as Blood Clotting