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A story full of traitors and incompetents: US special defense equipment that was given to the Afghan security forces fell into the hands of the Taliban.
Was Marilyn Monroe poisoned by JFK's brother Bobby ?
From CBS Miami true stories of remarkable strenght and determination into the CONDO disaster
At least 12 people were wounded in Shooting in Austin, Texas
Who is the "N-word" sheep of the President Biden ?  "Smart" messages are served !
'Make a Wish': Stop the fraudulent use of charitable funds raised for poor and sick children
Conflict of interest and The double standard : New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Advised by CNN Host Brother Amidst Tide of Sexual Harassment Allegations
Biden administration approved the sale of $ 735 million in precision-guided weapons to Israel despite the scenario of severe fighting in Gaza
Video of the US Navy ship shows "UFO" landing in the Pacific Ocean off the southern California