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Swiss scientists from University of Zurich discover biomarker that predict the development of severe forms of Covid 19 in predisposed patients
Russian researchers have created a new alloy to reduce noticeably the weight and so the cost of cooling systems.
Waiting for Finnish vaccine via nose: all extraordinary perks about the new frontier of immunology against Covid19 but it need money to end research.
Health : Russian Sputnik V vaccine is really effective against UK variant of Coronavirus
Science: Top Researchers in Russia create a neural network system to analyze Nanoparticles
The new ‘Anti-laser’ technology may signify the abandon of cables, giving the birth of  long-distance power transmission wireless only
100 mummies buried more than 2500 years ago has been discovered in Cairo
Science : Samara National Research University "S. P. Korolëv",Russia, has developed a true ecological engine based on liquid nitrogen !
Mystery  : A boy has found in Costarica  remains of unknow species of giant sloth bear.
Science : Fear of outside object impact ; 2 asteroids set to cross Earth’s orbit !
Mexico identifies submerged wreck of Mayan slave ship
Science,Astronomy : Hubble captures incredible image of Cygnus supernova blast wave
Science,Lifestyle : Britons say 2035 deadline to switch to electric cars is too soon .
 Science,Health  : Scientists see downsides to high-profile Covid-19 vaccines from Russia, China
#Health#Warning : Petting zoos create a diverse reserve of multidrug resistant (MDR) bacteria as highly virulent pathogens to visitors and  specially children !