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Politics : North Korea dictator shows off the new mobile intercontinental ballistic missile
#Politics : President Donald Trump called North Korean leader Kim Jong Un 'my friend'
#TopStory :The dictators family with the same habits : train and sex and lobsters and only blood & famine for their people !
#US,#Politics : Kim Jong Un may be on China for denuclearisation summit !
#USPolitics : Trump suspended military drill with South Korea planned for August !
WorldwideWar : North Korea sent banned chemical weapons to Syria and Myanmar
#HumanRights :North Korea is executing, torturing and enslaving those who practice religion
#TrueNews : War winds blow over North Korea.U.S. Bombers Fly Near DMZ to “send a clear message”.
#TrueNews : Is starting #SouthKorea invasion test ? Small military aircraft was found near the border with #NorthKorea
Vice President Mike Pence woved :Any North Korean attack will have an "overwhelming and effective" response.
#CommunistDictatorship : Two Malaysian firms linked to North Korea in spy story & political murders
#CommunistDictatorship : Chemical weapon used to kill Kim Jong Nam,stepbrother of NKorea dictator,identified as Vx nerve agent – Malaysia police
#CommunistDictatorship : North Korean Diplomat Wanted For Questioning in Kim Jong Nam Murder !
#Dossier about Kim Jong UN :'The communist dictator was gripped by paranoia and fear'So he thinks about murders