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Terrorism in Africa : Jihadist attack in Burkina Faso kills 47 people
Anti Immigrant measure by Denmark that will limit the share of "Non-Western" immigrants in residential areas to 30 percent.
The "terrorist", Canadian Nathaniel Veltman, 20, ran over Muslim family in pick-up truck, killing 4,in London,Ontario
Pic of the day in Histry : The Chinese persecution of one million ethnic Uyghurs in Xinjiang province into the  “re-education” camps.
Vienna terrorist Kujtim Fejzulai killed an Albanina Muslim , 21 y.o., as first victim and shot dead him while leaving pub for cigarette
Politics : Pakistan bans TikTok over ‘immoral & indecent’ content
Religion,Muslim Immigrants : Koran-burning protests by far-right activists in Denmark town. Riots in all Scandinavian countries .
#Gruesome#Crime in UK : Sinead Wooding, 26, was bludgeoned with a claw hammer and stabbed  by her Muslim husband.
#HumanRights : 630,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar while 6700 have been killed in just one month !
#HumanRights : Politics and religion :Pope's trip to Myanmar ( will going to use as cover of Rohingya massacre ?)
#HumanRights,#Health : More than 13,000 girls in Germany are at risk of FGM genital mutilation !
#Honor_Killings in Pakistan : Pregnant woman, husband tortured and killed
#muslim_planet : German swimming pool bans 'burqini' for Muslim women
Honor Killings of women in Pakistan : 17 year old burned alive by her mom !
Religion : World's Muslims mark beginning of the ' holy month' of Ramadan
Crimes against Human Rights : 19yo woman in Pakistan burned alive for turning down marriage proposal
Swiss school allows Muslim boys to skip shaking female teachers' hands, stirs debate
Top Story : Muslim Hero who protected Christian bus passengers