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'She is lying to make herself a victim.She is using the race card to gain sympathy.Meghan Markle is Evil' That are the reactions to latest interview with Oprah Winfrey of former royal couple
Switzerland citizens voted for ban of burqa that become outlaw as all no-medical facial coverings  in public places.
Ruthie Shuster, 100 y.o. , McDonald's employee in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania doesn't want to plan her retirement !
Young mom,Christina,23yo,already has 11 babies but She hopes to give birth dozens more using surrogate mothers !
Gossip and Politics : Is this Putin's secret daughter? Find out the truth about this fact.
Sex and drug out of sight by tourists: New Red Light District May Be Built 'Away' From Amsterdam
The bride must be a virgin on her wedding night.Swedish clinics gain million euros to rebuild false virginity with large risk for health
Fashion/Update : Pierre Cardin dies at 98
Mexico holds symbolic raffle for unwanted presidential jet
Nature : Two Sets Of Elephant Twins Born Amid Elephant Baby Boom In Kenya
Science,Lifestyle : Britons say 2035 deadline to switch to electric cars is too soon .
  American Lifestyle on the  Road  :  Awesome woman and the muscle car