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German Catholic Bishops Conference claims :"We need systemic changes, also regarding a reassessment of the ecclesiastical morality of sexuality”
Violent riots for May Day celebrations in Berlin with 100 cops injured and 354 protesters detained
Germany claims teenagers will be vaccinated against Covid-19 during summer holidays.
Four People Killed and a serious Injured at German Hospital for People With Disabilities in Potsdam
The Candidate Chancellor to the next election for the Centrist Alliance will be Markus Thomas Theodor Söder ,current President of  Bavaria  government
Merkel said that Germany to list France as high-risk Covid-19 area as contagion continues to rise.
When the masks do not cover the face: German MP Nikolas Löbel ,member of CDU party,resigns due to scandal
Abu Walaa ,Iraqi refugee in Germany after became a Salafist preacher and member of ISIS, today he was found guilty of supporting and financing international terrorism.
Fear for plotting of serious chemical attacks  by 14 suspected Islamists arrested in Denmark and Germany
The devil never dies : 100-year-old Nazi death camp guard in Sachsenhausen,Germany,charged over 3,518 murders during WWII
Pic of the day in History | !936 Summer Olympics in Berlin,Jesse Owens salutes during the presentation of his gold medal .
Overdose of Pfizer-Biontech vaccine vs Covid19 send eight care home workers to Hospital in Germany
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Germany approves Russian request to assist in Navalny probe
Politics, Germany,Russia  : Pressure grows for Germany to rethink pipeline with Russia
 World : Merkel reveals she has no regrets over 2015 migrant influx, claims she would let 1 million into Germany again
 Hollywood  : Brad Pitt, 56, met new girlfriend Nicole Poturalski, 27, at her HUSBAND'S restaurant in Berlin
#Germany : Leipzig Attack Shows ‘Inhuman Violence From Left-Wing Extremism'