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#TrueNews - New ways for #drug Lords : Authorities seize 285kg of #cocaine near French #Caribbean island !
#USChronicles : Boy armed with gun robs ice cream truck driver !
#Crime : Hostages released, suspect dead after standoff at Georgia bank
#Chicago_Cronicles : White Trump Supporter Kidnapped, Tortured by Black Thugs in a Facebook Live video !
Texas : 6th Street shooting suspect arrested near Atlanta
Latest Update : Oscar Pistorius sentenced to 6 years for murder
#Chicago_Chronicles : 'Becoming a Man' program cuts violent-crime arrests among Chicago youth
Crimes against human kind : Stop to the fury against Malawians with albinism.
Los Angeles Chronicles : A trait of Huntington Beach has been closed due to the sighting of three sharks.
California : Pratica Radio mourns Giovanni Pulido,young hero dead at 15
#Chicago_Chronicles : Evil Mom, 13-year-old daughter charged with murder in stabbing of girl, 15
Italy : 'Scientist' has been arrested on suspicion of removing eggs from a patient 24 year old
#Chicago_Chronicles : Man shot to death during attempted robbery on South Side.
3 dead, including suspect, in stabbings at shopping mall in Taunton ,Massachusetts
Crime : Assault and attempted rape of a woman in San Bernardino.(California)
#Chicago_Chronicles : 3 dead, 3 wounded in shootings on South, West sides
Teenage Report :A 16-year-old student has died after she was assaulted  inside a high school bathroom