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Mexican woman died after a vaccine jab with the Chinese Sinovac.
War on Vaccine Crimes : 'Orange Alert' for Fake Jabs of Covid19 Vaccine  detected in China and South Africa
China Virus,The contagion of democracy : 200 British scientist and intellectuals may end up behind bars in UK for unknowingly helping the Chinese military.
ChinaVirus,the contagion of democracy : Australian national Cheng Lei has been formally arrested on suspicion of spying,
Pic of the day in Histry : The Chinese persecution of one million ethnic Uyghurs in Xinjiang province into the  “re-education” camps.
Genocide and human rights abuse by China against Uyghur people in Xinjiang province will block the treaty ruling trade between the UK and China.
Why did he come back and why did Jack Ma get lost?
Now the Chinese health department suggests anal swabs to test for Covid 19."This is job only for them .Of course, they will impose it around the world soon !
China Virus :The economic 'Black Hole' caused by COVID19 is expected to cost the western economy around $9 trillion but China grew-up by 2,3% in 2020
'China Virus' :  Worldwide Pandemic pushes up China export,Surplus became $ 535 Billion
The tale of different lovers of Chinese sexy spy and a strange but abundant fundraising for Dems absolutely 'no control'.