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The Chinese bat syndrome : US non-profit Eco Health Alliance denies it has brought a ' twin virus ' of Covid-19 to Wuhan.
How much information about Hunter Biden's affairs will we know from Chinese official Dong Jingwei who defected to the United States?
The Big sleep of W.H.O. : Wuhan bat video shows much of pandemic origin information was ‘Chinese disinformation' [ Video News by SKY Australia]
Communist Party of China said :"Covid-19 Wuhan lab-origin theory is a fake information as Iraq mass destruction weapons,the same liar again !"
China's FM spokesman said : ' Western governments cannot set themselves up as guardians of Human Rights !'
Strange Things from China : Special Court did not deliver a verdict in trial against Michael Spavoral who was detained on suspicion of espionage,
Is it still time for a trade war on China like in Trump's age? The United States is suing several Chinese infotech companies over national security concerns.
 China Virus : Secret Intelligence Service MI6 reports China as the Biggest Threat to UK economic and social security
China Virus,The contagion of democracy : 200 British scientist and intellectuals may end up behind bars in UK for unknowingly helping the Chinese military.