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Once upon a time the global pandemic but Magic China  exports surge 32,3 %  in April 2021 over year ago.
Blast hits a luxury hotel in the city of Quetta in Pakistan. The Chinese diplomatic delegation, which was staying in the hotel, did not declare victims.
Strange and large Yellow Dust Cloud From China Reaches West Area  of Japan: Let's hope it's just a sandstorm !
'Too good to be true ! ' Glass  bridge long 3268ft  in China so scary that people thought it was fake
China's FM spokesman said : ' Western governments cannot set themselves up as guardians of Human Rights !'
Strange Things from China : Special Court did not deliver a verdict in trial against Michael Spavoral who was detained on suspicion of espionage,
Is it still time for a trade war on China like in Trump's age? The United States is suing several Chinese infotech companies over national security concerns.
Were the virus and vaccine prepared at the same time? Now China allows entry to foreigners only if vaccinated with a vaccine produced in the country.
 China Virus : Secret Intelligence Service MI6 reports China as the Biggest Threat to UK economic and social security
Was the "Quad Force" born to start a New Cold War on China?