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 'EU needs right break to tough a new plan about sanction for Russia' ,  Austrian Foreign Minister said
You don't accept the new terms and conditions  before the May 15 2021. 'OK !  No more messages ,you're out by WhatsApp !'
Pfizer and BioNTech wanted to charge the EU Commission €54.08 per dose of their Coronavirus vaccine.A real and unprecedented pillage!
Spain also breaks sanctions over Russia: Embassy in Moscow vaccinated staffers with Sputnik V
 'Cocktail of Antibodies' has been approved by FDA to reduce the number of hospitalisations and related deaths by 70 percent !
Health :The European Medicines Agency (EMA) Completed Scientific Consultations for Sputnik V Vaccine .( Will the EU adopt it? )
Latest Update : Brent Crude rose above $62 Per Barrel First Time Since 24 January 2020  according to trading data.
Business : Apple Electric Car project is starting with an investment of $3,6 billion in South Korean Kia
Why did he come back and why did Jack Ma get lost?
SocialMedia : Millions Users Flee WhatsApp After Update to Terms of Service
US pharma giant Merck (M.S.D.) and its partner Institut Pasteur have canceled their coronavirus vaccine projects due to low immune responses.
'China Virus' :  Worldwide Pandemic pushes up China export,Surplus became $ 535 Billion
Child Abuse : Mastercard will cut ties with Pornhub over smut site’s ‘abusive’ content
Covid19 was already present in Europe and the US far earlier that People's Republic of China reported  his first case of disease
Business,Health,Politics  : Do you have doubts about the effectiveness of the Astra Zeneca vaccine? Do you think it is approved?
Government  of France going to  absolute control of PRELIGENS,French defence technology company, and says "NO" to U.S. CIA for "Earth Cube" project
'Family Affairs 2 ' :The rise and Fall of Chinese tycoon Ye Jianming .Is still alive ? You can ask it to his financial partner in CEFC China Energy: Hunter Biden.