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Sweden rejects China's Huawei to build its 5G network.National security faces espionage threats.
Chinese economy is still not solid, the Communist Party said, but profits in April tell the opposite.
Elon Musk will not accept Bitcoins as payment for the purchase of a Tesla [due to environmental impact of crypto mining] [?]
Fear of runaway inflation drives widespread selling on Wall Street. The Federal Reserve continues to sleep on interest rates.
Once upon a time the global pandemic but Magic China  exports surge 32,3 %  in April 2021 over year ago.
Mystery : Human mistake in manifacturing ruins 15 millions of vials of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine.
Russian researchers have created a new alloy to reduce noticeably the weight and so the cost of cooling systems.
Congestion in the Suez Canal costs the global trade system $ 400 million an hour. Who will pay for these disasters?
 'EU needs right break to tough a new plan about sanction for Russia' ,  Austrian Foreign Minister said
You don't accept the new terms and conditions  before the May 15 2021. 'OK !  No more messages ,you're out by WhatsApp !'
Spain also breaks sanctions over Russia: Embassy in Moscow vaccinated staffers with Sputnik V
 'Cocktail of Antibodies' has been approved by FDA to reduce the number of hospitalisations and related deaths by 70 percent !
Health :The European Medicines Agency (EMA) Completed Scientific Consultations for Sputnik V Vaccine .( Will the EU adopt it? )
Latest Update : Brent Crude rose above $62 Per Barrel First Time Since 24 January 2020  according to trading data.
Business : Apple Electric Car project is starting with an investment of $3,6 billion in South Korean Kia
Why did he come back and why did Jack Ma get lost?
SocialMedia : Millions Users Flee WhatsApp After Update to Terms of Service
US pharma giant Merck (M.S.D.) and its partner Institut Pasteur have canceled their coronavirus vaccine projects due to low immune responses.