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Sputnik V Russian producers begin Defamation Suit Against Brazil's Health Regulator 'For Spreading fake news about vaccine'
Did Washington use "diplomatic relations", forcing Brazil to reject Russian Sputnik V for "US security and protection" ?
Health : Brazilian Volunteer in Clinical Trials of Oxford Anti-Covid Vaccine Dies, Health Authority Says
Health ,Covid19:The death toll from the coronavirus infection in the world topped 987,000, over 32.4 million cases of infection were detected
Sex Crime - The Revenge : Woman 'bites off man's testicle' whilst fighting off an attempted rapist
 World,Brazil,Coronavirus :The coronavirus fuels an illegal gold rush and an environmental crisis  In the Amazon (Inquiry by W.P.)
#Terror in #Brazil: Worrying Invasion of all cities with highly poisonous yellow scorpions!
#Evil and #Madness : Brazil cathedral #shooting leaves a deep horror and five dead !
#TrueNews : Six bodies found Sunday on shore near Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro !
#HumanRghts :At least 1,000 people marched as protest against murder of activist councilwoman and her driver in Rio de Janeiro.
#Health & #Sport : US Olympians at 2016 Rio Games were infected with West Nile virus, not Zika
#Corruption&Politics : "Is this the right time to be removing the president of Brazil?" Today the parlamient rejected #corruption charges.
#Corruption&Politics  :money laundering and conspiracy accusations for Humana.former Peru president and his wife.
#Health :  Fish skin helps  surgery to care for severe burns..