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#USPolitics : US Air Force Shares B-2 Stealth Bomber Video
#Wind of #War : US will be resolute to Use of Force if #Iran Blocks Strait of #Hormuz (Inquiry by Ekaterina Blinova)
#Midterm : A record number of women were elected to the House of Representatives in Tuesday !
#USPolitics - Mike Pompeo said: North Korea's Kim 'ready' to allow nuclear inspections,
#USPolitics : Trump suspended military drill with South Korea planned for August !
#Politics : 'No leader is forever': Macron strikes hostile tone against Trump : " US can be kicked out of G7 ! "
#TrueNews:The US embassy in China has issued a new alert over a mystery illness affecting some of American diplomats.
#US,#Politics: Can California vote for the separation in 3 states in November?
WikiLeaks founder Assange said Manhattan attack would not have happened if CIA ‘spent less time and money’ arming terrorists
#Health News from #U.S. Gun Injuries Nearing $3 Billion in ER, Hospital Costs
#USPolitics : Socialist Who Attacked GOP Politicians in Alexandria Was A Bernie Supporter with a very bad reputation!
#Politics,#TrueNews :Theresa May received calls from the presidents of the US and France to 'congratulate' her.
#Entertainment, #TopStory : Born in Naples,Italy 25 yo ,scientist wins Miss USA contest