Over the sanctions : European Medicine Agency has started the rolling review of the Russian vaccine.
War on Vaccine Crimes : 'Orange Alert' for Fake Jabs of Covid19 Vaccine  detected in China and South Africa
Politicians and Mayors from Norway feel Covid 19 Sputnik Vaccine as a good system to mitigate the rage
Earthquake with a magnitude of 5.9, hit 250 km north of Athens, close to the town of Larissa
Racism and Social Media is a large blasting mix for idiots !
Is the Big Apple infested with worms? New York lawmakers remove the emergency powers of Covid 19,left to date to Governor Cuomo.
Late Update :New York Governor Cuomo tells a female correspondent, Beth Cefalu,who filmed the conversation "I want to see you eat the whole sausage".
Breaking News : Former President of FC Barcelona Bartomeu has been arrested over Barcagate Scandal
Ruthie Shuster, 100 y.o. , McDonald's employee in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania doesn't want to plan her retirement !
After Irish riots in Dublin ,no-lockdown protests cause arrest of 8 people in Copenaghen,Denmark
[Latest Update] Maybe he likes younger women? MORALISTS FALL AGAIN. New York Governor Cuomo is facing sexual harassment allegations .
Breaking News : Sputnik Light, the single-dose version of the Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine, has been filed in Russia and several other countries,
 Death and Violence in Burma : 25 people has been killed by Myanmar Police !  [Latest Update]*