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From CBS Miami true stories of remarkable strenght and determination into the CONDO disaster
How much information about Hunter Biden's affairs will we know from Chinese official Dong Jingwei who defected to the United States?
Breaking News ! Magnitude 6.0  Earthquake strikes Lima in Peru
New fear due to new mutations : ‘Delta Plus’ Covid-19 strain seems a ‘variant of concern’ said India's government
Sweden rejects China's Huawei to build its 5G network.National security faces espionage threats.
 President Erdogan's sight over Afghanistan as Turkish army will protect Kabul airport  after US withdrawal
Anti Immigrant measure by Denmark that will limit the share of "Non-Western" immigrants in residential areas to 30 percent.
What happened in the Luhansk People's Republic? Shadows of war or was the gas pipeline explosion an accident?
Coca Cola loses billions of market value due to Cristiano Ronaldo who snubs and criticizes soft drinks at the press conference at Euro 2020
The latest shame on social media world , Onlyfans, ' the gateway to youth prostitution '.
The Big sleep of W.H.O. : Wuhan bat video shows much of pandemic origin information was ‘Chinese disinformation' [ Video News by SKY Australia]
Crime against  Humanity : Artillery attack on a hospital in northern Syria left 15 dead and 50 injured
Putin said :' Russia Would be Ready to Hand Over Cyber Criminals to US if Washington make the same with us,'