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Ultra Orthodox Jewish religious radicalism pushes a crowd of 35,000 towards fatal stampede with 44 dead and 200 wounded in Israel
Sputnik V Russian producers begin Defamation Suit Against Brazil's Health Regulator 'For Spreading fake news about vaccine'
Germany claims teenagers will be vaccinated against Covid-19 during summer holidays.
Four People Killed and a serious Injured at German Hospital for People With Disabilities in Potsdam
Colombia's tax reform plan has resulted in riots with 50 injured officers in the country's largest cities.
Did Washington use "diplomatic relations", forcing Brazil to reject Russian Sputnik V for "US security and protection" ?
Special poll says over 50% of South Korean citizens want to add to other vaccines already used the Russian Sputnik V to immunize country.
Blast hits a luxury hotel in the city of Quetta in Pakistan. The Chinese diplomatic delegation, which was staying in the hotel, did not declare victims.
Crazy and poor deliveries by AstraZeneca? 'No problem' , EU Commission will soon sue the British Swedish  giant.
Fake jabs of Pfizer vaccine identified in Mexico and Poland sell for $ 1,000 per dose
 ‘Selling their Souls to Showbiz’ :Super League Was Plotted in Secret for many years to cover  large troubles caused by unprofessional managements!
The tale of the unborn Superleague what has been hated by all of football fans around the world.
Jurgen Klopp said :- Stop to the speculations! I'm not going to quit Liverpool team due to Superleague.