'Too good to be true ! ' Glass bridge long 3268ft in China so scary that people thought it was fake

'Too good to be true ! ' Glass  bridge long 3268ft  in China so scary that people thought it was fake 

The 'bending' Ruyi bridge opened in the Zhejiang province

The 'bending' Ruyi bridge opened in the Zhejiang province in 2020 after first being unveiled in 2017.

But the wonky walkways have since become a hit with locals and tourists alike - although some wondered initially if it could be 'fake'.

Footage of the 140m-high (459ft) bridge was posted on social media earlier this year, leading to several sceptical comments.

One person quipped: "I'd want better handrails."

Another added: "I'd want a ticket for the long way round."

But the amazing structure is very much real, and now attracts more than 200,000 each year.

The eye-like design is inspired by a jade ruyi, a curved object used as a symbol of good luck in China.

It is made of three undulating bridges spanning across the Shenxianju valley, with a glass deck forming part of the walkway.

The bridge's creator previously said they wanted to give visitors a "sense of experience" when they crossed.

Steel expert He Yunchang was also involved in designing the Bird's Nest, the 2008 Olympics' iconic stadium.

As well as the Ruyi, China boasts two of the world's longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge.

One structure is located in Hunan province and measures 426m in length (1,400ft) and 304m (1,000ft) in height.

It opened in 2016 and features a bungee jump and zip line, as well as a 'standard' walkway.

But selfie fans were left disappointed after officials banned cameras - with stilettos also crossed off the list of approved shoes.

The other lengthy glass-bottomed structure is situated in the Hebei province.

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