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A man,37 yo, has been jailed for just 6 years for raping a Brit teenager  in the toilets of Sala Gold nightclub in Malaga, Spain in July 2017 .
Classic Rock Today : The latest release by Suzy Quatro , ' The devil in me (2021) ' now on air by American Road Radio
Strange and large Yellow Dust Cloud From China Reaches West Area  of Japan: Let's hope it's just a sandstorm !
Russian researchers have created a new alloy to reduce noticeably the weight and so the cost of cooling systems.
Tears on the US-Mexico Border: First photos (inside) emerge of Biden-era detention centres
Former President Trump said : ' I will visit US-Mexico Border soon but somebody else is supposed to be doing it'
Blast occurred outside a Catholic church in the Indonesian city of Makassar, in South Sulawesi has been caused by a suicide attack.
Latest Arrivals as Fresh Music on air by American Road Radio by Pratica
'Too good to be true ! ' Glass  bridge long 3268ft  in China so scary that people thought it was fake
Congestion in the Suez Canal costs the global trade system $ 400 million an hour. Who will pay for these disasters?
Merkel said that Germany to list France as high-risk Covid-19 area as contagion continues to rise.
Photos Reveal Cheat Sheets Used by Biden During his first press conference since taking over the Oval Office.
Third of Danes Fear  Blood Clot Drama : ' We Don't Want to Get Vaccinated  with AstraZeneca' !