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After Irish riots in Dublin ,no-lockdown protests cause arrest of 8 people in Copenaghen,Denmark
[Latest Update] Maybe he likes younger women? MORALISTS FALL AGAIN. New York Governor Cuomo is facing sexual harassment allegations .
Breaking News : Sputnik Light, the single-dose version of the Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine, has been filed in Russia and several other countries,
Death and Violence in Burma : 50 people has been killed by Myanmar Police !  [Latest Update]*
'Let Ireland Live'. Hundreds of protesters push to end restrictions while cause riots on the streets of Dublin
US airstrikes hit a cluster of buildings and other infrastutture used by Iranian-backed militias in Syria . Here we're followin' Russian reactions
The side effects of coronavirus vaccine   Troubles  in Norway health system again . Report
Abu Walaa ,Iraqi refugee in Germany after became a Salafist preacher and member of ISIS, today he was found guilty of supporting and financing international terrorism.
The mystery of AstraZeneca's vaccine : Where are the agreed deliveries  for people of 27 countries ?