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Sure,once again!Another military coup in Myanmar (Burma) : Aung San Suu Kyi has been detained after she won democratic elections in November 2020
Pic of the day : A sixteen-year old German soldier, Hans-Georg Henke, cries being captured by the US 9th Army in Germany on April 3, 1945
"Medicine at Midnight",the latest studio release by Foo Fighters will go on air by American Road Radio as Premiere from next February 5
Is the recent,terrible marriage within Isis and Al Qaeda about to plot a lethal attack ?
Why did he come back and why did Jack Ma get lost?
Now the Chinese health department suggests anal swabs to test for Covid 19."This is job only for them .Of course, they will impose it around the world soon !
SocialMedia : Millions Users Flee WhatsApp After Update to Terms of Service
China Virus :The economic 'Black Hole' caused by COVID19 is expected to cost the western economy around $9 trillion but China grew-up by 2,3% in 2020
US pharma giant Merck (M.S.D.) and its partner Institut Pasteur have canceled their coronavirus vaccine projects due to low immune responses.
Now and here you can watch the English aggressive variant of the corona virus ! First pic released by The Rospotrebnazdor Research Center in Russia
Health : South Korea have been forced to the culling of 21,7 million birds due to outbreaks of avian flu !
 The pic of the day :106-years-old Armenian granny with an assault rifle
Health : Are we going to use the right drugs to save the sicks from Covid-19? ( by Guido Silvestri )
The bride must be a virgin on her wedding night.Swedish clinics gain million euros to rebuild false virginity with large risk for health
 Terrorism : 6 suspected militants killed by special forces in Russian Chechnya
After Pfizer's troubles, as side effects and delays in deliveries of vaccine why European countries neglect Russian Sputnik V ?