Covid19 was already present in Europe and the US far earlier that People's Republic of China reported his first case of disease

A study published by the US's Centre for Disease Control is the latest in a string of evidence which shows that Covid-19 was present in Europe and the US far earlier than previously thought .

Center Disease Control

Center for Disease Control

New evidence show the novel coronavirus was in the US two weeks before China even declared doctors were treating a patient for a then unknown disease.

American scientists looking at blood samples have found two positive cases of Covid-19 from back in mid-December.


The revelation is the latest in a series of evidence showing the killer bug had moved beyond China's borders long before the world became aware of the disease.

When viewed together, these studies provide a timeline of the coronavirus's spread across the world at odds with scientist's understanding its spread earlier this year.

It suggests that Covid-19 may have jumped from animals to humans far earlier than initially thought, and was circulating among human populations across the globe before the end of 2019.

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