Gruesome discovery : 5,000 dead pets were found in parcels at a logistics centre in Luhoe in Central China !

5,000 dead dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters found in parcels at delivery depot.

Dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters found in parcels for delivery

Animal rescue groups rushed to the logistics centre in Luohe in Central China's Henan Province when they heard of the parcels, but were only able to save 250 of the animals.

Thousands of dead pets were found in boxes at a logistics centre in China.

The gruesome discovery of at least 5,000 small mammals stuffed into small packages was made in Luohe in Central China's Henan Province, local animal protection volunteers said.

Rabbits, guinea pigs, cats and dogs had been transported in more than 6,000 small boxes to Dongxing logistics station earlier this month.

It is thought that most of the animals died on September 22.

On that day around 20 members of animal rights group Wutuobang rushed to the station to try and save them following a tip-off.

It is thought that the animals may have been bred on farms in East China's Anhui Province.

They were then to be sent to online buyers across the country.

It is roughly 700 km from the centre of Anhui Provine to the centre of Henan.

The animals were taken on three trucks from the farm to a first logistics station in Zhengzhou in Henan on September 17, before being driven to Luohe.

The animals were stored in plastic or iron cages inside the paper boxes, which had air-holes punctured into their sides

It is illegal to send animals via the post in China under a law introduced in 1990.

According to lawyer Zhang Bo the law is often not followed and there is no penalty for people caught posting animals.

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