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 Terrorism : Two  Killed and Five Wounded After Stabbing Attack by a man dressed as Halloween in Quebec ,Francophone Canada
James Bond ,the only one, dies at 90 .
The head of the International Peace Institute (IPI), Terje Rød-Larsen, has resigned due to donations and personal loan from Jeffery Epstein
Diego Maradona believes in fast e secure supply of Covid19 vaccine by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin
"I saw Maradona".Best wishes for 60 of the goddes of soccer, the only one.
Is Islamist terror unstoppable in France? Gad Shimron, former agent of the Mossad (Israeli secret services) answers the topical question.
President Putin and President Trump have sent telegram to President Macron expressing them condolences over the deadly attack on citizens in Nice
The war between IS, Al Qaeda and Talibans has already moved to Pakistan from Afghanistan
The judge Amy Coney Barrett was sworn on as a Supreme Court Justice