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Politics,North Korea

On Thursday, the South Korean Defence Ministry accused North Korea of fatally shooting a missing South Korean civilian and burning his body. Seoul also demanded that Pyongyang "provide an explanation and punish those responsible"


US Local

Riots broke out in Louisville on Wednesday.

Police Officer Who Was Shot During Louisville Protests Shows Up for Roll Call in Less Than 24 Hours.


Norway Negotiating to Resuscitate Cold War-Era Military Deal With US

During the Cold War era, Norway received 300 US fighter jets and 8,000 military vehicles, free of charge. The total amount of US military aid to Norway reached $8.7 billion.

Entertainment :

Daniel Radcliffe Reportedly Agrees to Play Harry Potter Again, Given Rowling Not Involved
J.K.Rowling has become a target for public condemnation after her remarks about "people who menstruate", when she suggested calling them women. Many people denounced her for being "transphobic", including stars of the Potter saga Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. 

US Local :

Seattle Cop Put on Administrative Leave After Riding Over Man's Head With Bike   
A video of a Seattle police officer walking his bike across the head of a man lying on the ground has rocked social media, with users decrying the cop's action and the Seattle Police Department later saying that the incident is under investigation 

US Local :

US Attorney General Says Sub-Source of Steele Dossier Was Probed for Alleged Russia Ties :  
US Attorney General William Barr, in a letter to Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham, said the primary sub-source of the Steele Dossier was investigated by the FBI in 2016 for alleged ties to Russian intelligence. 

World :

Germany sacks military counter-intelligence chief overseeing investigation into soldiers’ suspected ties to neo-Nazi groups.

The head of Germany’s military counter-intelligence service has been dismissed amid a sweeping probe into hundreds of soldiers for suspected links to far-right extremism, the military’s latest effort to overhaul the agency.

Christof Gramm will go into early retirement next month after leading the intelligence organization – known by its acronym, “MAD” – for some five years, the German Defense Ministry announced on Thursday, adding that a successor would be “decided shortly.”


Australian think tank finds 380 detention camps in Xinjiang
An Australian think tank says China appears to be expanding its network of secret detention centers in Xinjiang, where Muslim minorities are targeted in a forced assimilation campaign

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