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Health,Women : Irregular and long menstrual cycles in adolescence and adulthood are associated with a greater risk of early death!
 Serial Killer,Crime : "Twitter killer", Takahiro Shiraishi has murdered nine people after contacting them on Twitter !
 Politics: Over 73Mln Watch US Presidential Debate, Down 13% From 2016 -report by Nielsen Research
Politics : During the debate, President Trump and Joe Biden were constantly interrupting and sniping at each other
 Politics,Religion : Pope Francis Declines to Meet Mike Pompeo After Secretary of State Slams Vatican-China Ties
Health : Presumed 'Black Death' outbreak in Mongolia in the province of Khovd.
Politics : President Donald Trump will nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill the seat of J.ce Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Health ,Covid19:The death toll from the coronavirus infection in the world topped 987,000, over 32.4 million cases of infection were detected
Africa,Cambodia : Magawa the mine-recognizing rodent wins PDSA Gold Medal.
Nightly Report about Politics,China,Germany,US Local
Serial killer held a Creepy collection of items included homemade sex toys in Perth, Australia.
Riots : At least two police officers have been shot in Louisville, Kentucky due to Breonna Taylor case.
Health , Sex : Rates of chlamydia and gonorrhea are increasing among women ages 18 to 30 in the United States.
Soccer : Switzerland Calls for 28-Month Jail Sentence for Paris Saint-Germain President in TV Rights Trial
Sex Crime : Madeleine McCann detectives have 'material evidence' she is dead but refuse to say more
President Trump said: UN 'Must Hold China Accountable for Their Actions' Regarding Coronavirus Pandemic