Lives Lost due to #coronavirus in #Italy : A man loved by many, a death at 80 alone in #Rome

ROME -- Nothing in the way Enrico Giancomoni lived during his 80-plus years in Rome corresponded to the way he died: alone.

He was a good person, Giancomoni’s son says, a man who took his responsibilities seriously but didn’t let the pressures of life make him unkind. He built a construction business that supported his sister’s family and his own. He hired 10 people when he had enough clients.
In retirement, he found delight as his grandchildren’s attentive “nonno,” chatting with neighbors and shopkeepers during grocery runs and cooking with his wife. Then came the fever and stomach bug that led to trouble breathing and a call for an ambulance.
He got dressed and to the door of his apartment with the help of his son, who tried to accompany him. The paramedics in protective suits stopped the son — an escort and hospital visits were prohibited in case his father had the virus. He died two weeks later. 

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