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#India,#Sex and #Religion : Syro Malabar church said : Love jihad making Kerala girls sex slaves .

A day after the Syro Malabar church officially acknowledged that "love jihad wasn't an illusion in Kerala"it said it would begin a sensitisation campaign against the 
issue through Sunday Schools. Sources with the Syro-Church said that they are planning to use all their lay organisations to make Christian youth cautious about the ‘threat' .




On Tuesday, the 28th Synod of the Syro-Malabar Church released a public statement saying that Keralite Christian .. girls are being targeted and killed in the name of 'Love Jihad'. Priests said that Christian girls who are being converted to Islam and taken abroad are not living a dignified pious life, but are forced to become sex slaves.

“Many are even scared to use the term ‘Love Jihad’ but the Synod has now come out and said the exact words. There are .reports of Christian girls getting converted and taken abroad They are not living an ideal pious life either. They are made to live with more than one person and some are even pushed into becoming sex slaves,” 
said Syro-Malabar Media Commission secretary Fr Antony Thalachelloor. 

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