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#Terrorism attack ,#Shooting in New Zealand : At least 30 people are believed to have been killed in the attack.

A terrorist who opened fire on a New Zealand mosque published an online manifesto detailing his plans to carry out the massacre just hours before the attack.

Australian man Brenton Tarrant, 28, published 'The Great Replacement' the morning before opening fire at two mosques in Christchurch, on New Zealand's south island.
Tarrant live streamed his attack on the Al Noor mosque on Facebook.

At least 30 people are believed to have been killed in the attack, while police have so far arrested three man and a woman - including Tarrant. 

The 87-page manifesto reveals in chilling details his grievances, why he picked the mosque and claims he was inspired by Norway mass shooter Anders Behring Breivik.

Evil killer's manifesto: Right-wing mosque shooter posted 87-page rant foreshadowing massacre just hours before the bloodbath and said he was 'inspired' by Norway mass murderer Anders Breivik

Gunman posted manifesto online hours before opening fire inside two mosques 
Suspected gunman has been identified as an Australian man Brenton Tarrant, 28.

He wrote in the document how he was inspired by mass murderer Anders Breivik
Tarrant said he initially targeted a Dunedin mosque, but later changed his mind.

Police have arrested four people - three man, including Tarrant, and a woman
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