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Afghan military kills 31 Al Quaeda and IS fighters in Ghazni

Despite repeated claims to the contrary, al Qaeda has not been defeated in Afghanistan, and it still continues to operate alongside its ally, the Taliban.

Canada and other countries in grounding the aircraft amid mounting global fears for the jets' airworthiness.

A growing number of airlines and countries around the world have grounded Boeing 737 Max jets or banned them from their airspace following the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines plane that killed 157 people on Sunday, five months after a similar Indonesian Lion Air jet plunged into the ocean, killing 189. A look at those countries and airlines

After Ethiopian Airlines crash, countries and carriers around the globe are grounding the Boeing 737 Max.

#MadeleineMcCann 'is alive': Top child protection police officer says mystery WILL be solved.Jim Gamble, the senior child protection officer in #UK's first investigation into the disappearance of #MadeleineMcCann said advances in technology could help find the youngster

#HumanRights lawyer sentenced to 148 lashes and nearly 40 years in jail in Iran Nasrin Sotoudeh is best known for representing women who have been persecuted for not wearing head scarves

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