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: Emerging technologies that once fuelled democratic movements like the Arab Spring, now enable big businesses to capture personal data and empower authoritative governments to maintain control. by

, Three teenage schoolgirls in have been sent to prison to await trial for scribbling on a picture of President Pierre Nkurunziza in textbooks, activists said Thursday.

, . A bus driver in Milan, Italy abducted 51 children. Wednesday,threatening the hostages’lives for 40 minutes and setting the bus on fire at a Carabinieri blockade.The military police force broke windows at the back of the bus to reach the passengers and got all .

;: Italy’s desire to build trade ties with China isn’t a move against the US, but an effort to “maximise” its own interests, Italy’s former Foreign Minister Franco Frattini told RT, ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Rome visit.

, Mexican volcano sends plumes of ash in the air, into the night sky in powerful explosion.

; warns of with and as they step up anti-satellite and laser arms. and have been accused by the of igniting a space war amid ongoing refusals to sign a disarmament agreement.

Venezuelan consulate abandoned two days after it was taken over by supporters of Juan Guaido.J uan Guaido's envoy said the opposition had gained control of two buildings belonging to Venezuela’s defense ministry in Washington and one consular building in NY.

; ; Trump claims ISIS will be eliminated from its last territory 'tonight' Trump, leaving the White House for Ohio, brandished a map showing what he said was the last piece of territory controlled by the fanatics and sought to take credit for their imminent defeat.
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