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Laced with put 25 in Hospital in for attemted !

A German court will on Thursday (March 7) deliver its verdict in the trial of a man accused of attempted murder for allegedly poisoning his co-workers over the years by serving them laced

Laced with put 25 in Hospital in for attemted !

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Claims of , , hypocrisy: Too more political woes tarnish ’s standing.

Prime Minister says is prepared to throw the power of its naval force – and urges the world to join in – to block the Iranian oil shipments circumventing unilaterally imposed sanctions against .

#Pakistan vs.#India endless #war

#Pakistan’s intelligence had used Jaish-e-Mohammed #terrorists to attack #India while he was in office, former president Pervez #Musharraf has admitted, as the militant group occupies center stage in the #Kashmir cross-border tensions.

Pervez Musharraf

#Business; #China_Planet 

Huawei sues the US, claiming it shouldn't be blocked from selling to federal governmentHuawei's lawyers argued that a ban on government agencies buying the Chinese firm's equipment goes against the American Constitution.

, :
Shanghai Construction Group will reportedly build first phase of Tesla's Chinese factory State-owned Shanghai Construction Group (SCG) will build the first phase of U.S. electric carmaker Tesla's factory in Shanghai, a news portal reported on Thursday

#Freedom for #Venezuela :

Venezuelan political activist, 31, dies at hospital six days after he disappeared, allegedly beaten Alí Domínguez, 27, disappeared last Thursday after attending a meeting to discuss humanitarian aid at the #Caracas offices of Venezuelan newspaper #ElNacional

The Dictator Maduro

American journalist arrested in Venezuela has now been released .Cody Weddle, who was detained along with a Venezuelan colleague, has now been released and is being deported.

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