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Nicaragua : 4 officers have been killed by members of a criminal gang .

Police in Nicaragua say four officers have been killed by members of a criminal gang in the country's south near the border with Costa Rica.

A statement from the Nicaraguan National Police says officers were attending to an incident in Rio San Juan province when they came under fire from gunmen belonging to a gang based in Costa Rica involved in drug trafficking, robbery and cattle theft.

Police said Thursday that one of the four officers killed was a woman. Another officer was missing.

"Our institution condemns these criminal acts and expresses its most sincere condolences and solidarity to the families of our murdered police brothers," the statement said.

The Costa RicaNicaragua border is the 309 kilometres (192 mi) long international border, extending east–west, between the Caribbean Sea (E) and the Pacific Ocean (W) it separates the northern part of Costa Rica from the Southern part of Nicaragua. It passes near Lake Nicaragua.

Police said officers were sent to the region to search for the killers.

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