#SexCrime :US Attorney General Lisa Madigan accused more than 300 Catholic priests of 1000 Child sexual abuse in Illinois state !

300 Catholic priests accused of CHILD sexual ABUSE in Illinois!

 US Attorney General Lisa Madigan 

began her investigations into clergy child sexual abuse in August following the release of the Pennsylvania grand jury report. The report said internal documents from six Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania showed more than 300 priests were credibly accused of sexually abusing more than 1000 children. Ms Madigan’s report found that while the six dioceses in Illinois have credibly accused 185 clergy members of child sexual abuse, the state failed to identify at least 500 clergies.

"As a result, the Illinois dioceses have received allegations of sexual abuse for more than 500 clergies that the Illinois dioceses have not shared with the public.

Her report showed the church’s six archdioceses have done an inadequate job of investigating allegations and in some instances, did not investigate them at all.

She said of the allegations against clergy that the Illinois dioceses received, they have deemed 26 percent as “credible” allegations.