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Health :The myth of the large penis .Are you ready for a bigger one?
Music : Halloween Creepy Rock Show on air by  American Road Radio !
#Politics |President Trump said : We have a plan to reduce #health care costs for millions of Americans ! |
#Health,#TrueNews: An experimental vaginal ring to reduce risk of HIV  infection and not only to prevent pregnacy
#Health :Millions of people worldwide have to go to emergency rooms for asthma attacks every year because they are breathing dirty air,
#China Planet :Building boom uncovers buried #dinos in China.
#SexCrime in #Chicago : Former Channahon gymnastics coach charged with sexually abusing student
#TrueNews,#TopStory :German plane with Luftwaffe signs crash on 101 Freeway in Los Angeles California !
#SexCrime,#TrueNews : 102-Year-Old Charged Over Assault Of 92 Y.O. Woman !
#Shooting ,#BreakingNews : The University of Utah reports about shooting in campus ! Photo of suspect inside!
#TrueNews : Air Force,irresponsibly, has purchased 391 special coffee mugs with spending on $326,785
#Health : 542 people have died of swine flu so far this year in India .
#USLocal : 2 teen-aged suspects have been charged in Georgia officer's shooting death !