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Mistery :The Dutch model was ' thrown ' from the 14th floor.She knew too much about drugs & corruption in Malaysia.

The Dutch model Ivana Smit, 19, was thrown from the 14th floor. because he knew too much about drugs, corruption and politics in Malaysia.

Ivana Smit,19, the model murdered on Malaysia

Teen model was KNOCKED OUT before she fell 14 floors to her death from drug-fuelled swingers' party at wealthy American's apartment, according to top British cop.

  1. Model Ivana Smit, 19, was found dead after falling 14 floors in Malaysia
  2. She was at 'swingers' party of American Alexander Johnson, 45, and his wife
  3. British investigator says she received a head injury before she fell 
  4. Report from pathologist states that it is 'highly improbable' that she fell over the balcony while intoxicated because of the injuries she sustained before she died

A British ex-cop says a Dutch teen model may have been knocked out before she plunged 14 floors to her death after a 'drug-fuelled party' in Malaysia.

Local cops said the death of Ivana Smit, 19, who was building a successful career as a model, was a drug and booze-fuelled accident.

But Mark Williams-Thomas, a private investigator who famously exposed the sickening crimes of Jimmy Savile in a TV documentary, says she received a head injury before she fell.

He last night released the results of a preliminary report after being hired to look into the tragedy by her family.

After a night out in Kuala Lumpur, Ivana returned to the 20th floor apartment of wealthy American Alexander Johnson and his wife Luna in the early hours of December 7.

She was found naked on a sixth floor balcony that afternoon.

Mr Williams-Thomas' report states that a Dutch pathologist noted bruising to the back of Ivana's head.

He wrote: 'This was not significant enough to have caused her death but would have rendered her unconscious..

'This injury occurred before her fall inside apartment 20 and at some time between 7.24am and 2.45pm when police were called.'

He added that a lack of blood from the injuries sustained by the teen as a consequence of her plunge is suggestive that she was dead before the fall.

The pathologist also noted bruising on her arms that is consistent with – but does not conclusively prove – that she was grabbed before or shortly after she died.

Ivana also had alcohol and a high level of a drug known as PMMA, which is amphetamine-based and often sold as ecstasy, in her system.

Her PMMA levels were high enough to have caused her death alone, the report states.

The report adds it is 'possible but highly improbable' that she fell over the balcony while intoxicated because of the injuries she sustained before she died.

It also states that suicide is an unlikely the model took her own life because of her behaviour that night, as seen via CCTV and statements from witnesses.

Mr Williams-Thomas - a former cop in Surrey and the presenter of 'The Other Side of Jimmy Savile' documentary on ITV - concludes: 'Until such time as these questions are answered satisfactorily this case should be treated as a homicide investigation.'

Mr Johnson is a cryptocurrency trader and co-founder of the company Everus World, according to his LinkedIn profile.

In a statement , Everus said: 'Everus is aware of the ongoing investigations by the Malaysian authorities with regards to one of our employees.

'The company will continue to monitor this matter carefully. Until the relevant authorities release official statements, we are unable to comment further. Thank you.'

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