#Terrorism :Police station in Malmo,Sweden is rocked by a 'hand grenade attack'

Police station in Malmo,Sweden is rocked by a 'hand grenade attack' .


A police station in Sweden was put on lockdown last night fter a suspected hand grenade attack.

Two people are believed to have been involved in the attack in Malmo, which began just after 9pm.

Police spokeswoman Anna Goransson said the area had been blocked off after the explosion.

She added: 'Fortunately, nobody has been injured - but cars, I cannot say what number, have been damaged.'

Police are yet to confirm a hand grenade caused the explosion, but Swedish media have reported the weapon of war was used. .

A photographer for Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet said two people were arrested after the incident.

On December 29, a police car was destroyed in Malmo.

Two months before, a police station in Helsingborg was bombed..

Speaking to SVT, Tomas el Massou said he was watching TV when he heard a bang.

He said he was 'scared' but stressed it's 'nothing new' for his city.

He added: 'There is no good publicity for Malmo.'

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