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#TrueNews :All you need to know about New York's killer in bloody Halloween

The driver of a truck which mowed down innocent people in New York on Tuesday, killing eight and injuring 12, pledged his allegiance to ISIS before the attack and had been planning it for weeks. 

Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, 29

Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, 29, remains in custody in the hospital after being shot in the stomach by an NYPD officer at Chambers Street in Tribeca on Tuesday afternoon.

At a press conference on Wednesday morning, New York City officials said he followed replicated previous ISIS attacks involving trucks and followed the terror group's strategy, which they have mapped out on social media, 'to a T.' 

Nine people remain in hospital with serious injuries including one person who has undergone a double amputation. Another three who were hospitalized have been since been released. 

Eight people died including six foreign tourists, five of whom were from Argentina and one who was Belgian. The other two victims were American.

WikiLeaks founder Assange said Manhattan attack would not have happened if CIA ‘spent less time and money’ arming terrorists

Saipov spoke to police from his hospital bed at Bellevue Hospital on Tuesday night. Sources said he appeared 'proud' throughout the interrogation. 

He has been charged with federal terrorism charges on Wednesday, according to the US Attorney of the Southern District of New York, which carry the death penalty. 

In the Home Depot truck which he used to carry out the attack, police found handwritten notes in Arabic of the that said 'ISIS would endure forever,' according to officials who spoke on Wednesday to declare him a 'depraved coward'.

At a joint press conference on Wednesday, NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Bill De Blasio and members of the FBI spoke to address the terror. 

They gave a fuller picture of how Saipov carried out the attack, driving from Passaic in New Jersey into Manhattan across the George Washington Bridge at 2.43pm on Tuesday afternoon. 

He then drove southbound on the West Side Highway and mounted the bike path.

For four minutes, he plowed through pedestrians and cyclists until crashing into a school bus at Chambers Street which is where he was then seen getting out of the vehicle with the weapons in his hands. 

The West Side Highway remains closed from 14th Street to the Holland Tunnel while police continue to work at the scene. 

Searches are ongoing at his home in Paterson, New Jersey, where Saipov lived with his wife and three children


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Deputy NYPD Commissioner John Miller confirmed his allegiance to the terror group on Wednesday. 

'Based on investigations, it appears he had been planning this for a number of weeks and he did this in the name of ISIS,' he said, adding: 'He appears to have followed almost exactly to a T the instructions that ISIS has put out on its social media channels before, with instructions to its followers on how to carry out the attack.' 

Saipov immigrated to the US in 2010 and had addresses in Florida, Ohio and New Jersey. He ran his own truck sharing companies in the past but had spent the last six months working as an Uber driver. 

The ride-sharing app is now cooperating with authorities as is Home Depot in Passaic, New Jersey, where he is believed to have rented the truck used in the attack. 

He was living legally in the country with his wife and three children. 

Authorities confirmed that they questioned him in hospital but would not disclose what he said. They also said they were interviewing his relatives and friends but would not go into further detail. 

The FBI is appealing for witnesses to send photographs and videos they captured of the attack to them in order to aid investigations. 

Documents reveal how he got married on April 12, 2013 to Nozima Odilova, who was 19 at the time. Both list Tashkent, Uzbekistan, as their hometown. 

Saipov is originally from Uzbekistan, but immigrated to the US in 2010, and at the time of his arrest he was holding an identification card that listed his home as Tampa, Florida. Earlier on Wednesday, Governor Cuomo said he had been radicalized in the US. 

At his press conference on Wednesday, Cuomo slammed the President Trump's for 'politicizing' the tragedy by blaming the visa which Saipov entered the country on in 2010. 

Cuomo said it was 'not useful' for the president to blame Dem. Sen. Chuck Schumer in his tweet. The president has since called to end the Diversity Visa Lottery which is how Saipov won h is visa in 2010. 

After he was identified on Tuesday, people who know Saipov or worked with him previously expressed their shock over the attack. 

Kobiljon Matkarov, 37, of Maimisburg, Ohio, said that he met Saipov five years ago, and they bonded over their shared Uzbek heritage.

'He is very good guy, he is very friendly… he is like little brother… he look at me like big brother,' he told The New York Post.

He said Saipov had been working as an Uber driver in New Jersey this summer, and that the alleged terrorist had driven him, his wife and their five children to New York's JFK airport during a recent trip to their home country.

Saipov was very friendly, he said, and good with children: 'My kids like him too, he is always playing with them.

'He is playing all the time,' he said - but added that when one of the children asked to take a photo with him, Saipov refused. 'He no like that. He said no,' Matkarov said.

Matkarov said he was shocked by the claim that his friend had murdered and injured two dozen people, and that he didn't know of any terrorist connections he may have had. 

Saipov has close links to Osh, in the ex-Soviet state Kyrgyzstan, according to Ruslan Leviev, head of the Conflict Intelligence Team, an anti-Kremlin social media monitoring group.

He has social media links to friends in the city, also the home of Akbarjon Djalilov, who bombed the St Petersburg metro last year, was from.

The city has an ethnic Uzbek population who claim to be repressed. The manager of Saipov's local grocery store in Paterson, Farm Boy Super Fresh Supermarket on Getty Avenue, had a very different opinion of the man. 

She claims that Saipov was an 'erratic' customer who berated the cashiers, the New York Post reported.

'Every time he came here he was always erratic or arguing with the cashiers,' the manager, who did not want to provide her name, told The Post.

'He would get angry very fast…. he would break the cans, dumb things,' she said, adding that he was known for his rude behavior.

'I feel like he was prejudiced to the cashiers - whether they were covered or not in a hijab - he would belittle them,' she told The Post.

'He was talking good English, proper, but he would call the cashiers dumb, uneducated - how they didn't know how to scan the items.'

She also said that Saipov, who moved to the U.S. in 2010 from Uzbekistan, argued often about the price of Canada Dry Ginger Ale. 

'Soda was the problem. He would come here and buy soda,' she said. 'He would give us a hard time on the 12-pack Canada Dry - if it was one price he would want his own price. It was always the soda, always a problem with the 12-pack of cans. Always a problem.'

Uber said in a statement on Tuesday night: 'We are horrified by this senseless of violence. Our hearts are with the victims and their families. We have reached out to law enforcement to provide our full assistance.'

The company said that he had passed a background check by the company and that they are now 'aggressively' reviewing his history with them, although they had not yet found any 'concerning safety reports.'

The company added that he has been banned from the app. 

Police say the attack that transformed a popular New York City bike path along the Hudson River into a scene of terror was perpetrated by a lone man they consider a terrorist.

A family friend described the suspect as calm and hard-working, while President Donald Trump derided him as 'sick and deranged.' A picture of the man's life only just began to emerge in the immediate hours after the Tuesday attack that killed at eight people and injured 11 more.

A look at what is known about Sayfullo Saipov:


Officials who were not authorized to discuss the investigation and spoke on the condition of anonymity identified Saipov as the attacker and said he is 29 and originally from Uzbekistan.

He came to the U.S. legally in 2010, the officials said, and it is believed that he lived first in Ohio after his arrival.

An acquaintance, Dilnoza Abdusamatova, said Saipov briefly stayed with his family in a Cincinnati suburb upon immigrating.

'He always used to work,' Abdusamatova told The Cincinnati Enquirer. 'He wouldn't go to parties or anything. He only used to come home and rest and leave and go back to work.'


Authorities said Saipov had a Florida driver's license and some public records showed an address for him at a Tampa apartment complex.

Residents at that complex said FBI agents came by Tuesday evening and conducted interviews.

Michael Roberts, 30, an overnight shift worker, said he was asleep when the agents showed up at about 5.30pm but that they interviewed his cousin. He said both he and his cousin had moved in only a week ago and had never heard of Saipov.

A friend who met Saipov in Florida, Kobiljon Matkarov, told The New York Times and the New York Post that he seemed like a 'very good guy.'

'My kids like him too. He is always playing with them,' Matkarov told the Post.


Officials said Saipov was living recently in New Jersey, where he allegedly rented a Home Depot pickup truck an hour before driving it onto the bike path.

On Tuesday night, police investigating the deadly rampage surrounded a white Toyota minivan with Florida plates parked in the parking lot of a Home Depot in Passaic, New Jersey.

The van was parked near the company's rental trucks.


The ride-hailing company Uber said Saipov passed its background check and drove for the service for six months, making more than 1,400 trips.

The company said it banned him from the service after the attack. It said it was in touch with the FBI and offered its assistance and that it was reviewing Saipov's driving history but found no related safety reports.


Records show Saipov was a commercial truck driver who formed a pair of businesses in Ohio.

The first business, Sayf Motors Inc., used the address of a family friend near Cincinnati with whom Saipov had stayed for a couple of weeks after his arrival in the country.

The second, Bright Auto LLC, used an address near Cleveland.

A trucking industry website listed Saipov at a Paterson, New Jersey, address that authorities were searching Tuesday night. Court records related to trucking-related infractions list Saipov with addresses in Paterson and the Cleveland suburbs.

According to the records, a warrant was issued for Saipov's arrest in April 2016 when he missed a hearing on a misdemeanor for not having the right brakes on his vehicle. He resolved the case in November 2016 by pleading guilty and paying $200 in fines and court costs.


No social media accounts linked to Saipov emerged immediately after the attack, but there were possible clues to his personal life.

A marriage license filed in Summit County, Ohio, lists a man by the name of Sayfulloh Saipov marrying Nozima Odilova on April 12, 2013 when she was about 19. It lists the same Cleveland-area apartment noted as the headquarters of Bright Auto LLC.

The license lists Saipov as a truck driver. His wife is about six years younger. Both list Tashkent, Uzbekistan, as their hometown.

According to public records, Saipov worked as a commercial truck driver and has previously lived in Ohio. It's unclear how long he had been in New Jersey or New York prior to the attack.

He also has two businesses registered to Ohio: Sayf Motors Inc. was registered in Hamilton County from May 2011, and is located in an apartment in Cincinnati; and Bright Auto LLC was registered in Cuyahoga Falls from August 2013 and is located in another apartment. 

Bright Auto LLC is an active carrier registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation. Records show that the trucking company has one truck and one driver. 

The company said it could not confirm if the suspect had rented the vehicle, but they are cooperating with police. 

Saipov also has a minor criminal record for traffic offenses in Missouri and Pennsylvania. 

He provided an address in St Charles County, Missouri, for the 2016 Missouri traffic violation, which shows the location is registered address for STL Logistics LLC. That company had a Freightliner tractor and semi-trailer registered, records show. 

Court records show that he was stopped in Mount Holly Springs Borough, Pennsylvania, on March 2015. 

Saipov provided an address in St Charles County, Missouri for that traffic violation, which shows the location is registered address for STL Logistics LLC.

Saipov, who provided authorities with an address in Paterson, New Jersey, pleaded guilty to a single charge of maximum length of a single trailer and paid fees associated with the citation. 

Video footage seen by suggested that injured people were being treated around every 10 feet along the bike lane struck by the truck. 

Six of the eight people who died in the attack have been identified as foreign tourists. 

Belgian mother-of-two Ann-Laure Decadt was struck from behind by Saipov's truck as she cycled. She died in hospital shortly afterwards. 

The 31-year-old's grieving husband said she was on a trip to the US with her mother and two sisters at the time of the attack. 

Five Argentinian men who were in New York for a class of 1987 school reunion also died. 

They are Ariel Erlij, Hernán Diego Mendoza, Diego Enrique Angelini, Alejandro Damián Pagnucco and Hernán Ferruchi.

Another in their group, named as Martin Ludovico Marro, remain in hospital as do 12 others. 

On Wednesday, Mayor Bill De Blasio said they would be 'remembered as New Yorkers'. 

'They came here because they saw New York as a special place to be. We now and forever will consider them New Yorkers. They shared this tragedy with us. We will remember them as New Yorkers,' he said. 

Saipov was was shot by hero NYPD officer Ryan Nash, 28. Nash was attending to a 2:35pm report of a suicidal 17-year-old girl at nearby Stuyvesant High School when he confronted the alleged terrorist.

The suspect refused to drop his weapons, police said, so Nash shot and arrested him. 

In a press conference earlier in the day, NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill applauded Nash's heroism without naming him, saying: 'I want to commend the response of our NYPD officer that was on post near the location who stopped the carnage moments after it began.'

Despite the day's terrifying events, New Yorkers still took to the streets to attend both Halloween parties and the annual Halloween Parade up 6th Avenue.

Tens of thousands of zombies, vampires, ghouls and ghosts packed out the streets - protected by a ramped-up police presence.

Streets connecting to 6th Avenue were blocked off not just with barriers, but with heavy vehicles capable of stopping cars that might attempt to bust through. 

Heavy arms units were also on the scene, as well as thousands of NYPD officers. 

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo were also present - thought not in costume - as a show of strength against the terrorist attack. 

In a press conference on Tuesday night, both men promised that New York would stand tall.   

Despite the added security, city officials said there was no evidence that Tuesday's attack was part of a wider terror plot. 

Witnesses described hearing five to ten gun shots, all of which came from police guns. 

Others ran for their lives as they watched the truck plow into pedestrians after veering off the road. 

Shocking video footage from the scene on Tuesday showed cyclists lying on the ground with their bikes smashed in to pieces around them. By-passers were seen tending to them as they awaited medical attention. 

In the surrounding area, students were in the middle of doing exams when they heard police firing shots. 

Roza Kazan, a student at the BMCC, said she was in the middle of a statistics mid term when the chaos unfolded.

She told 'An announcer said in the middle of the test there had been a shooting. But he said there were so many police that it was safe to stay inside and carry on. So I finished the test.

'Then he came on again and said that the shooting occurred because someone had run people down in their car.

'I was getting a coffee on the corner where it happened just a couple of hours earlier. 

'I can't believe the announcer was so calm. It made it seemed like what was happening wasn't serious.'

Within minutes of the first reports, there was an enormous police and fire service presence at the site. 

Ezequiel Gonzalez, 18, a speech coach at Stuyvesant High School, told at the scene: 'I heard what sounded like gas caskets and I went up on the bridge and saw a car caved in. 

'Then I was pushed back and saw the ambulances arriving. The school was put on lockdown.'

John Williams, 22, told he was there around 30 seconds after the gun shot: 'I saw one man lying on the ground being looked after by paramedics and cops, another man getting arrested and what seemed like another man running towards the Hudson River.

'I came out and saw a man holding two guns. I could still smell the gunfire. It was a very strong scent. I was concerned for the safety of everyone because there was someone walking around with a gun.' 

Williams said he heard between five and ten gun shots in total. 

Mohammad Hamza Amzher, another witness, said the suspect looked Hispanic and strongly denied the man hearing him shout 'Allah Akbhar'. He saw him walking down the street wearing a hoodie and holding a gun. 

At the time, school children were being let out of class after a day of Halloween festivities.

Today's terror attack in New York is chillingly similar to a spate of killings in Europe in recent months where vehicles were used.

It is believed six people were killed by a truck driver who mowed them down on a bike path in lower Manhattan.

The driver made his way from Houston Street down towards Tribeca where he mounted the bike path on the West Side Highway shortly after 3pm.

After striking several cyclists and runners, he came to a stop when his truck crashed into a school bus beneath the Tribeca bridge.

But it is not the first time a vehicle has been used to carry out mass murder in Western Europe with similar atrocities taking place in Britain, France , Germany, Spain and Stockholm and claiming well over 100 lives.

In August, Barcelona terrorist Younes Abouyaaqoub calmly walking away seconds after ploughing a van into crowds on the Ramblas murdering 14 people.

Abouqaaqoub was part of a 12-man cell who brought terror to Barcelona on August 17 and 18.

Hours after the Ramblas attack, five other members of the gang ploughed into pedestrians in the nearby seaside town of Cambrils before they went on the rampage with an axe and large knives, stabbing one person to death.

A driver has deliberately ploughed a van into pedestrians in Barcelona killing at least 13 and wounding dozens

On Bastille Day in the summer of last year, 86 people were killed when a truck was driven through crowds enjoying fireworks in Nice.

Low tech attacks using stolen and hired vehicles to randomly rammed into crowds, have been increasingly used by terrorists unable to get hold of guns and explosives.

In June a team of jihadists used a hire van to drive through pedestrians at London Bridge before going on the rampage with knives

'Whether they are going to be permanent or temporary, time will tell. It is very difficult to stop, nigh on impossible.'

Before today's attack there had been a series of atrocities using cars and trucks in 2016 and 2017.

In June a team of jihadists used a hire van to drive through pedestrians at London Bridge before going on the rampage with knives.

On March 22, Khalid Masood, 52, drove a Hyundai 4x4 over Westminster Bridge, mowing down members of the public before crashing into a fence beside Big Ben.

He then got out of the car and attacked PC Keith Palmer with a knife.

Masood was shot twice by police and died when he was taken to hospital.

Five people died in the attack, including PC Palmer.

In April, in central Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, a hijacked truck was deliberately driven into crowds before being crashed through a corner of a department store

The day after the Westminster attack, a man in Antwerp drove into a crowded shopping area in the Belgian city in an attempted attack, but no one was injured. 

An ISIS-inspired massacre took place in Germany when a terrorist drove a truck through a Christmas market in Berlin. Twelve people were killed in the attack on December 19.

Anis Amri stole a cargo truck and killed 12 people when he drove through a Christmas market next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church at Breitscheidplatz.

Among the dozen people killed was the original driver of the truck Lukasz Urban who was found dead with a gunshot wound in the passenger street.

An ISIS-inspired massacre took place in Germany when a terrorist drove a truck through a Christmas market in Berlin

Amri was a Tunisian who had failed to gain asylum status in the country. He was killed in Milan four days later after an international manhunt.

But the most deadly was the driver of a tractor-trailer who targeted Bastille Day revelers in the southern French city of Nice in July 2016.

On the evening of July 14, a 19-tonne cargo truck was driven into crowds on the Promenage des Anglais.

ISIS fanatic Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel was behind the wheel and after exchanging gunfire with police, the Tunisian migrant was shot dead.

Thousands had gathered on the seafront to watch the fireworks that night. 86 of them died and 434 were injured.

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