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#Health&Sex :Same-Sex Marriage Could Prevent 3000 High School Suicide Attempts A Year in Australia

Five of Australia's most prominent mental health groups have waded into the nation's aggressive same sex marriage debate, claiming up to 3000 high school suicide attempts a year could be averted by a 'yes vote'.

The extraordinary and unprecedented intervention into politics by groups such as the Black Dog Institute, headspace, ReachOut, Brain and Mind Centre at University of Sydney and Orygen on Thursday comes as gay Australians make heartbreaking pleas to neighbours to vote 'yes' in the contentious survey.

The mental health groups' campaign -- called #mindthefacts -- draws on peer reviewed studies showing the negative health impacts caused by discrimination against LGBTIQ people, and the groups say a 'yes' vote on marriage equality could reduce youth suicide attempts by up to 3000 per year.

"We were concerned there was some misinformation around about the Same Sex Marriage Postal Survey and we wanted to focus on what the evidence says and the evidence is fairly clear from other country's experiences," the Blackdog Institute's Dr Fiona Shand said

"If you legalise same-sex marriage then you are very likely to see a reduction in those suicide attempts and suicide deaths."

The groups normally stay away from politics, but felt compelled as the debate over same sex marriage grinds onwards, with six weeks left of voting.

This sweet and sad letter was in my mailbox tonight. Imagine feeling you had to write this to defend your parents
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