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Criminals from the past : Poland prosecutors move to extradite a Minnesota man accused of being Nazi SS commander

WARSAW, Poland — Poland's special prosecutors say they have taken steps toward seeking the extradition from the U.S. of a Minnesota man they accuse of participating in a World War II massacre.

The Associated Press had previously identified the man as 98-year-old Michael Karkoc, an ex-commander in an SS-led Nazi unit that burned Polish villages and killed civilians —including women and children— during the war.

The story, sourced from witness testimony, his memoirs and records culled from Nazi SS files and archives in Poland, Germany and the United States,immediately prompted a multinational investigation that may well be one of the last of its kind involving a dark chapter of world history.

The National Remembrance Institute said Tuesday the request was forwarded to Poland's Embassy in Washington last month for handing over to U.S. justice authorities.

The motion's status could not be immediately confirmed as the embassy was closed for the July 4 U.S. holiday.

Karkoc's family denies he was involved in any war crimes.

The facts of Karkoc’s World War II activities remain uncertain and are now the focus of government investigators in the United States and Europe.

Karkoc’s own version is told in his memoirs, which are prominent among the documents collected at the Andersen Library at the University of Minnesota.

The original 170-page memoir, published in 1995 and written in his native language, tells of the civil-war-like political turmoil within Ukraine before and during the war and of how Karkoc fled his homeland in 1939 to escape from the Communists, only to wind up in Nazi-occupied Poland, where he was conscripted into the German army.
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