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#DeathPenalty: Forty-six-year-old inmate,TaiChin Preyor was put to death IN Texas prison .
#Health,#Food : 5 Essential Tips for Choosing Healthier Frozen Foods
#ChinaPlanet : The fight against corruption in the Chinese Communist Party is not over.
#SexScandal : Cardinal George Pell faces sexual abuses charges in Australian court as the most senior Roman Catholic .official
#TrueNews : U.S.Navy ship fired warning shots to Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps threatening vessel
#Health: The new deal in HIV treatment .Few ARV injections a year to replace daily pills
#TopStory :Scott Blumstein ,25 years old, won the World Series of Poker with $8.1 million as prize
#BreakingNews : At least 24 people were killed and 42 others wounded by suicide car blast in Kabul,Afghanistan.
#FreedomforVenezuela : Forces of dictator Maduro kill anti-government protesters again ! ( photos )
#Mistery from the past : The tomb of Queen Ankhesenamun,the second wife of KingTutankhamon was discovered
#Health,#TrueNews : Mad cow disease appears in Alabama,This is only the fifth case.
BreakingNews: Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington has committed suicide at age 41
#Health The New frontiers of Pain therapy : easing opiod dose improve the quality of your life
#SexCrime in Kenya: Three Men Sentenced to Death for Stripping, Assaulting Woman and robbery.
#ChildAbuse :and Homicide in South Carolina : Mother and grandmother left the newborn baby in a trash can
Pratica Radio told Jared Padalecki :' We wish you the best day of your life ! '
#HumanRights,#Health : More than 13,000 girls in Germany are at risk of FGM genital mutilation !