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#TrueNews : Drug gang suspected of using drones to spy on police in Australia
#TrueNews : US Army testing attack helicopter that fires at targets with laser weapons !
#Health : Heart disease is the leading killer of U.S. women but too many women underestimate the danger
#Mistery,#Health : Plastic Water Bottles,made thousand years ago, Might Have already Poisoned Ancient Native Californians
#Business,#Media: Are you a Virgin Media user? Go to change your credentials ! Hacking Danger
WarOnTerror : Two Russian battleships and a submarine have fired missiles on IS targets in Syria - RT video-report
#Riots,India : Mob lynched to death a police officer outside Srinagar mosque
#Business : Due new automated kiosks McDonald's stock Hits Record  !
#HumanRights,#TrueNews :Mexico spying on journalists and activists via SMS malware on their smartphones.
#Disaster : The big #FireTrap in Portugal has killed  60 people
#Health : The new three-in-one blood test sets a new treatment protocol of advancend  prostate cancer
#LateUpdate#Video:Seven US Navy sailors were missing after US destroyer and a container ship collided off Japan
#BreakingNews : RT  press agency reports that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi was killed !
#TrueNews from #AfghanistanHell : Greater regional construct vital for lasting peace in Afghanistan
#AfghanistanHell : Afghan family asks  an exemplary punishment after US troops shoot dead Zir Gul Khan  & 2 sons
#USPolitics : The Pentagon will send almost 4,000 additional American forces to train Afghan army.
#USPolitics : Is part of incredible and dangerous witch hunt  the tale  about Obstruction Of Justice?