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#SocialMedia : WhatsApp went down for around four hours on Wednesday causing frustration and confusion among users

Mobile messaging program WhatsApp went down for around four hours on Wednesday, affecting millions of users across the globe. 
The massively popular app refused to properly start up for some users, leaving them stuck with a 'Connecting...' message.

After four hours, Facebook - which owns the app - announced that the mobile chat program was back up and running, but it didn't say what caused the problem.

Down and out: Mobile messaging platform WhatsApp went down Wednesday afternoon EST, causing frustration and confusion among users. It's not yet known what caused the failure

Don't panic! Users expressed their horror at WhatsApp's collapse on Twitter Wednesday as it stuck on the 'Connecting...' screen for two hours

Stranded: Without their favorite messaging app, users felt like they might as well have been castaways, like Tom Hanks in the classic movie

So sorry: This user promised to change her ways if she could get the mobile messaging service back up and running

Keeping them hanging: Many users thought that they were stuck waiting for the app to connect because of their phones, not because the app itself was broken

Apocalypse wow: For some WhatsApp users, the response seemed like the end of the world

'Earlier today, WhatsApp users in all parts of the world were unable to access WhatsApp for a few hours,' a spokesperson said.

'We have now fixed the issue and apologize for the inconvenience.'

No further information was provided. They have been contacted for more information on the cause behind the glitch.

The US was among the countries affected, although most of the incidents appeared to be in the UK and Europe.

The incident occurred the same day that the app announced there were more people using its clone of Snapchat's Stories function than were using Snapchat itself.

Facebook claimed on Wednesday that it now has 175 million WhatsApp Status users - beating Snapchat's 161 million, The Verge announced.

Snapchat Stories allows users to upload short video snippets of their day that are deleted after 24 hours. WhatsApp Status is basically a knockoff of that function.

So the failure of WhatApp on Wednesday will have drained some of the color from the company's cheeks.

As the glitched stretched on, upset WhatsApp users took to Twitter to vent their frustration.

Under examination: At least students were able to get a few more hours of studying in while Facebook fixed the problem

Long time waiting: It may only have been a couple of hours, but with no specific time schedule given by Facebook, many users felt like the wait stretched on forever

Crying shame: For others, the loss of WhatsApp was outright tragic

Baring their souls: Some users admitted that they were miserable because access to naked selfies had started drying up

Y's and wherefores: For many users the idea that a massively popular product - it was announced as having 175m users the day it crashed - could go down was baffling

More than a feeling: As this user observed, the loss of WhatsApp impacted many people hard

Survivor: Thankfully everyone seemed to make it through the traumatic experience just fine - including this grateful individual

Despite Facebook's claim to texting triumph, Bloomberg Technology argued that Snapchat was actually still winning the communications clash.

It quoted a report from data firm App Annie that said on an average day 35 per cent of Snapchat's daily users aren't on Facebook that same day.

App Annie also claimed that 46 per cent of Snapchat users aren't on Instagram - another Facebook-owned app that rolled out a 'Stories' function - on an average day either.

Around 61 per cent can't be found on YouTube either.

That means that although WhatsApp claims a larger userbase, Snapchat can still promise a unique userbase to advertisers, Bloomberg claimed.

A mobile message from God: Was the app's collapse divine intervention? That's what this Twitter user thought

Married strife: Can relationships handle the loss of WhatsApp? This one was being put to the toughest test of all

Old school: For some users, the return to old-school text messaging gave them flashbacks of the bad old days

Dead quiet: Twitter user Trent Seven seemed to think that the end of WhatsApp was the death of all conversation (except, perhaps, Twitter)

Good excuse: For some the app's error was a great way to duck out of social responsibilities

International disaster: It wasn't just English-speaking users who were missing out: This Spanish user felt that WhatsApp was falling behind Viber, Line and Facebook Messenger
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