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#FreedomforVenezuela : One month of deadly violence in a  poor and hungry country abused by the socialist "Bolivarian revolution"
#SHOOTING : A man drinking a beer from one hand and brandishing a gun in the other wounding several people before being shot dead by police
 #SexCrime: A suburban Philadelphia pastor,Jacob Malone, accused of sexually assaulting and impregnating a teenager.He has pleaded guilty
#USPolitics  93% of Trump voters surveyed (University of Virginia poll) approve job .
#WarOnTerror : London police shoot woman during anti-terror raid on house
#Hollywood - Ridley Scott said : ‘Have you ever looked in the sky at night ? One day aliens will come for us'
#Business :Tokyo District Court ruled that former Olympus president Tsuyoshi Kikukawa must pay $529 million
#GruesomeCrimes : Hollywood Man Beat Wife to Death After Being Told She Was Pregnant by Boyfriend
#DeathPenalty : Arkansas execution delayed as U.S. Supreme Court hears appeals
#Business,#TrueNews : Takata shares suspended on bankruptcy due defective airbags scandal !
CARS 3 Trailer 4 (2017)
#SocialMediaKilling : A Thai man videotaped himself killing his 11-month-old daughter and posted it to Facebook !
#Immigration : Illegal Mexican immigrants residing in the US has been decreasing over the past 10 years
#Business : Asian shares continue rally for a fourth day
#HumanRights : Italian citizen,Gabriele Del Grande,journalist has been freed after two weeks in detention in Turkey
#FrancePresElection : It's the end of traditional parties so starting the big challenge LePen-Macron
#SexScandal,#TrueNews: The shameful legacy left by former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes
#SOSVenezuela: 20 dead in a few days full of hunger and violence for Maduro's madness
#AmericanDucks,US Justice Department chief said:'The arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is a US "priority,"
#BreakingNews:German-Russian was arrested in Germany on suspicion of bombing the bus carrying Borussia Dortmund
#DeathPenalty : Arkansas Executes Death Row Inmate Ledell Lee in First Execution Since 2005