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#SocialMedia : Facebook will kill fake news with ‘Journalism Project' (or not?)

Facebook might kill fake news with ‘Journalism Project’
Social media giant Facebook has launched a new initiative to strengthen its position among media houses, and it is called 'The Journalism Project'.

Facebook will be collaborating with other news organisations to develop products, as well as help journalists in learning how to use social media as a reporting tool and also promote the importance of news literacy. There are three main parts of the Facebook Journalism Project – collaborative development of news products, education for journalists and tools for public. Newer storytelling formats using upgraded versions of Live, 360, Instant Articles, etc. which adapts according to needs, and even build new ones are a part of ‘Collaborative development of news products’.

Fidji Simo, Director of Product in a blog post also said, “We’re going to start testing this using Instant Articles so that readers can start to see multiple stories at a time from their favourite news organisations.” The platform is also set to add journalist inputs directed towards local news. There are other initiatives planned too, including supporting media houses to increase their subscription business. Facebook also has hackathons which will aid in collaboration between programmers and developers in news organisations so that newer avenues and solutions can be found.

Facebook will also continue working on training provision and journalistic tools for which there has been a tie-up with Poynter too to unveil a proper syllabus for journalists for some time. Simo, in the blog post, wrote, “Some of this we’ll do in direct partnership with journalists; at other points, we’ll work with educators and researchers.” The platform will also introduce more tools to aid journalists in using Live Video feature better while reporting. Simo added, “We are kicking off this work in the weeks ahead, in meetings with news organisations globally, and will support existing and new projects for innovation and research.”
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