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#InmateInferno :Brazilian state of Sao Paulo:At least 200 prisoners escaped from prison

In the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, at least 200 prisoners escaped from prison "Bauru" during the riot. On Tuesday, January 24, according to Uol Noticias.

It is noted that during the riots in the prison was set on fire, in which many managed to escape. According to police, 79 prisoners were detained almost immediately, and the rest are in hiding. Their exact number is not reported.

For the last time in the prisons of Brazil, there have been several large riots. They often arise from the conflict of the warring criminal clans.

1 January in the Brazilian city of Manaus (state of Amazonas) resulting in the largest prison riot were killed more than 50 people. According to security officials, the cause was a confrontation between the gangs that control the drug trade.
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