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#Food : South Africa detects pest caterpillar damaging maize crop
#Business : Asian shares mostly higher on strong manufacturing data
#Death_Penalty : Mark Christeson was given a lethal injection for killing of mother and 2 sons
#Health :Train your mind with stimulating activities to keep away dementia or Alzheimer's disease
#Business : Energy giant Shell sells part of North Sea assets for $3.8bn to oil firm Chrysaor
#Sex&Money : Lynden Scourfield,Top HBOS Banker paid up to £245milion,scamed a lot of firms, for sex parties and luxurious trips
#Health,TrueNews : Malaria treatment has failed for the first time in UK patients
#USPolitics: Trump fires acting attorney general who spoke out against travel ban
#Business : Toyota lost its crown as the world's top-selling automaker in 2016
#TopStory : Russell Staley,truck driver charged with manslaughter of 4 girls,dead by suicide
 #WaronTerror : At least six people are dead after gunmen opened fire in a mosque in Quebec City
#TrueNews,#WarOnTerror : Donald Trump said : ' You have 30 days to make a plan to defeat ISIS ! '
#TrueNews,#Media : "Pornocracy" ,a new documentary, claims that invasion by porno 'tube' sites threats actors and children
#TrueNews :  Genetic Engeneers ,from California , created embryos that are part-human, part-pig.
#Science : NASA's probing for extra-terrestrial lifeforms. Administration is going to use Capillary Electrophoresis .
#Business of Cosmetic surgery is going fine. In 2017, people are projected to spend 10 billion dollars on face and body upgrades
#CaliforniaDreaming :  $1.25 million in damages to a former student who was forced to urinate in a bucket !
#Disaster : Town of Santa Olga in Chile ​​completely destroyed by furious fire
#LosAngelesChronicles -  The killing of Fabio Sementilli, hair stylist stabbed:  Black Porsche 911 owned by Sementilli has been found
#TrueNews,#Media : When the danger comes from dating sites .Stranger uses knife to try to rob woman
#TrueNews,#Health :  Leprosy alarm ,when the world thinks it's eradicated
#CatholicChurch : Knights of Malta head resigns amid spat with Pope Francis.