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#TopStory-#WarOnTerror :Jihadist who sent his 8 years old daughter on suicide mission in Syria is dead

A man who reportedly used his eight-year-old daughter as a suicide bomber in an attack on a police station in Syria's Damascus is now said to be dead himself.

  • Footage showed jihadi fanatic lecturing his two young daughters in Damascus
  • The younger girl, who was seven, was killed in explosion at a police station 
  • The blast in Damascus, the Syrian capital, wounded three police officers
  • The father has been identified as Abu Nimr, who has died in fighting in Syria 
  • Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said he was shot in Teshreen, Damascus 

Jihadi dad who turned his young daughter into a suicide bomber.

Attack on a police station in Syria's Damascus

Images of a dead man believed to be the jihadist known as Abu Nimr have emerged online.

Earlier this month, disturbing videos in which the same bearded man is believed to be featured, were circulating on the internet. In two separate video, two little girls said to be named Islam and Fatima can be seen with a man and a woman who are believed to be their father and mother.

A police source told Al-Watan the little girl had appeared lost and asked to use the bathroom before the explosives went off

The footage show the girls being apparently brainwashed, as they appear in the room with a black Islamic flag hanging on the wall. The man believed to be their father holds the two girls in his hands and speaks of a suicide mission prepared for them. 

The woman, dressed in a burqa, then hugs the girls in an apparent farewell moment, while the man behind the camera talks of suicide bomb attacks for them. The girls can be heard repeatedly saying “Allahu Akbar” (“God is great” in Arabic).

Less than two weeks ago, a blast hit a police station in the Syrian capital, Damascus. Syria's state television aired pictures of a girl who was allegedly a suicide bomber, while SANA news agency reported the attack was carried out by an eight-year-old girl wearing an explosive belt.

The bomb was homemade, and was activated with a remote control, the Syrian media said, adding that there were no other casualties except for a police officer who was slightly injured.
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